Organize your butler’s pantry (or any pantry!) like a pro with these 3 tips

Time for some fall cleaning


Organizing guru Mary Snelson Dodd of Along Came Mary shares her tips:

1. Group like items
Store by type, like silverware, bottle openers, stemware, and tablecloths. Mary recommends expandable bamboo drawer dividers—found at the Container Store—in the butler’s pantry to keep smaller items neat and tidy.

2. Protect the goods
When storing fragile items such as crystal and china, make sure items aren’t touching, as this can cause them to chip and break; leave plenty of room in between. (Avoid stacking glasses.) Stacks of china should have something between each plate, such as felt dividers—or, as a budget option, paper plates or coffee filters—to prevent damage.

3. Create the space
A tiny upgrade with built-ins can make a big difference: Pull-out drawers in cabinets make finding things a breeze, while installing vertical dividers is a great way to store trays and big platters upright.

Illustrations by Laura Ljungkvist

This article appears in our Fall 2019 issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.