Serenbe’s Art Farm cultivates talent

The artists colony offers free and subsidized housing to visitng creatives
Art Farm
Photograph by Danny Wicke

Unlike most upscale planned communities, where standard amenities are golf courses and tennis courts, the selling points at Serenbe include an organic farm, solar power, and now an artists colony. Last summer the South Fulton hamlet launched the Art Farm project to offer free and subsidized housing to visiting creatives. The developers have provided 40 acres, plus office and studio space. And this fall, two 500-square-foot cottages will become available to artists, who will also lead public classes and demonstrations.

Of particular interest is Serenbe’s partnership with Auburn University’s Rural Studio. Founded in 1993, the program gives architecture students experience in building affordable housing. The Art Farm residences will be models from Auburn’s 20K House line, dwellings that cost no more than $20,000.

Most Art Farm funding will come from grants, corporations, and individuals. “Unlike the Playhouse, we don’t have a lot of tickets to sell,” says director Brandon Hinman. “It’s one step away from raising money for a monastery.”  

This article originally appeared in the Summer issue of Atlanta Magazine’s HOME.