February 2013: Florida


In honor of its quincentennial, here are four iconic Sunshine State vacations.
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My Brother鈥檚 Keeper
Identical twins William and Chris Cormier weathered lives of transience, financial woe, and run-ins with the law by relying on their preternatural bond. But when the body of a Florida journalist was found buried in their Winder backyard, that bond was seemingly broken.
By Tony Rehagen

Have You Dined at Ford鈥檚 Lately?
JCT Kitchen. The Optimist. No. 246. With his eyes now on Buckhead, Atlanta鈥檚 restaurateur of the moment gives up his recipe for success, explains why he鈥檚 not interested in 鈥淭op Chef,鈥 and insists, 鈥淚 am not building an empire.鈥
By Candice Dyer

Editor鈥檚 Note On the new Falcons stadium

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