July 2009


Our dining editor chows down at Turner Field 路 Hollywood in Georgia 路 Buckhead Community Bank 路 Judi Chicago 路 Espadrilles Terrapin beer 路 Lake Forrest Mansion 路 Doctors galore
Top Doctors
Whom do you trust to find the right doctor? We asked doctors themselves. Where would they send their families if they needed help? Our list represents the tops picks of hundreds of local doctors and includes physicians鈥 contact information, primary and secondary hospitals, and areas of special expertise.
> PLUS Inspirational stories of six doctors鈥攁 cardiologist, a physiatrist, two heart surgeons, and two oncologists鈥攁nd six patients who owe them their lives
Fueled by devotion and caffeine, wunderkind surgical resident Dr. Carla Haack is driven to heal
ONLINE EXTRA: Audio Slideshow
Photographs by Matt Moyer; text and interview by Thomas Lake
A Q&A with Michael Young, president and CEO of Grady Health System, about his plan to turn the troubled hospital around
Interview by Betsy Riley