May 2014: Crime in the City



Crime in the City
Crime rates in Atlanta are at historic lows, we’re told. Then why do so many of us feel unsafe? Because numbers mean nothing if you or someone you love is a victim. This month we examine crime in the city, and the human toll it takes.

Guarding the Nest
Loggerheads have been laying eggs on Georgia’s barrier islands for hundreds of years. Then the bulldozers and boats came, threatening the species. Now local residents are working to ensure the turtles’ survival.
By Nikhil Swaminathan

The Polaris Comes Full Circle
The Hyatt’s Polaris spins again, twenty-two floors above Downtown.
By Richard L. Eldredge

Wes Gordon: Driven by Design
Twenty-seven-year-old Wes Gordon has been building his eponymous fashion house since his childhood in Atlanta. His clothes are stocked from Beverly Hills to Beirut—and maybe one day he’ll be a household name in his hometown.
By Mary Logan Bikoff

Editor’s Note For many, perception is reality when it comes to crime

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