Atlanta Gift Guide 2016

Our editors’ gift picks

giftguideed_066Sid Mashburn Oxford dress shirt, $150
Timeless, especially after master tailor Quang Dau makes it fit perfectly. Basic but elegant, it’s adaptable to being dressed up or down.
—Matthew Scafidi, digital manager

giftguideed_03Terrapin Cranberry Pumpkinfest beer
Terrapin’s latest seasonal brew tastes a lot like smooth, less bitter cranberry juice, and that’s exactly why I like it. Pair it with your Thanksgiving turkey for a far superior alternative to canned cranberry sauce.
—Myrydd Wells, digital editor

giftguideed_04Neighborhood sweatshirt from Cruvie Clothing Co., $50
A sweatshirt by the local Cruvie Clothing Co. emblazoned with Grant Park, because it’s my new neighborhood.
—Kristin Kellogg, design director

planter_courtesyBrian Giniewski planter from Youngblood Boutique, from $25
Because I am a lazy home gardener, I never put in the effort to move my houseplants out of the cheap plastic pot they came in. These drippy pots are amusing and I do a double take anytime I walk into Youngblood and see them on the shelves. They’re from a maker in Philly, which is sort of like the Atlanta of the North. I think I need three of them.
—Rachel Hortman, associate art director


giftguideed_05Oak Street Bootmakers Trench boot from Thomas Wages, $425
I don’t have many sartorial indulgences, but stylish (and also comfortable) shoes are items I don’t compromise on. These Thomas Wages boots would be perfect for dressing up or dressing down.
—Steve Fennessy, editor in chief

giftguideed_08Tea towel from French Silver Shop, $12
My house thrives on bad puns, so the tea towels from the local French Silver Shop are perfect for our kitchen.
—Jessica Keaton-Young, managing editor

littlerhen_courtesyGreat finds for my kids from Rhen’s Nest
I do most of my local shopping for my kids at Rhen’s Nest in Glenwood Park. They have a ton of cute stuff and the owners are super nice and helpful. They carry Little Adventures dress-up costumes, which are so high-quality compared to Disney Store crap. You can even wash them! And they’re not itchy.
—Jennifer Marquez, executive editor

giftguideed_01Otomi “Cordoba” pillow from Larkin Lane Designs, $229
Columbus-based Lark Varley Champion of Larkin Lane Designs grew up traveling the world with her mother, who owns an international folk art gallery. Her Otomi products are the real deal (check out her Instagram photos with the Mexican artists).
—Betsy Riley, director of ancillary publications

giftguideed_02Sporty boots from Cord Shoes and Boots, $250
Stylish sneakers are here to stay, but instead of donning another ubiquitous pair of Stan Smiths, I’m loving Cord Shoes and Boots Ambler—a sporty boot hybrid.
—Tess Malone, associate editor

giftguideed_07Beaded clutch by Ink and Alloy, $135
I love anything beaded and embroidered. If it’s produced by an Atlanta company, all the better. You can also find these cool patterned beaded clutches by Ink and Alloy on Dear Keaton’s website (a local retailer with cool resort-y décor and accessories from all over.)
—Mary Logan Bikoff, lifestyle editor

Photographs courtesy of the companies