20 fun things to do with kids in Atlanta

5. Grab a sweet local treat

Things to do with kids in Atlanta sweets desserts
Nylah, age 7

Photograph by Ryan Hayslip

Cotton candy
Cult Carts
This hand-spun cotton candy has all the ethereal charm of the carnival classic but none of the yellow no. 5. Owner Mandy Bauer, a former executive assistant to chef Richard and Jazmin Blais, sources dye-free, organic sugar flavored with natural extracts; her peach flavor is barely blush, and blueberry is cloud white. (There are also more sophisticated flavors like papaya chili or tamarind chai—but all will satisfy your sweet tooth.) Since September, the pushcart has been spinning candy clouds at craft markets, birthday parties, and weddings. This spring, find them at area farmer’s markets. $5

Collier Candy Company
Bars of milk chocolate shaped to look like Band-Aids might be the most grossly adorable treat in all of Ponce City Market.

Sprinkle cookie ice cream cone
Queen of Cream
Vanilla-scented ice cream churned with crumbled vanilla sugar cookies and sprinkles is a dead ringer for funfetti cake.

Evil cookie/double chocolate chip
Muss & Turner’s
These thin, wide cookies keep their crispy edges and gooey centers long after they’ve left the oven.

Jam doughnut (flavors vary)
Revolution Doughnuts
Think you’re ready for this jelly? Gobs of sweet jam are pumped inside a yeast doughnut rolled in sugar.