20 fun things to do with kids in Atlanta

Awesome opportunity: Little Shop of Stories’ camps are worth the wait

Little Shop of Stories camp
Photograph by Melissa Golden

Little Shop of Stories in Decatur hosts book-themed camps that are so popular, parents arrive at the crack of dawn to sign up their kids.

“We’ve never been, so I hope it’s good enough for this line.”
—Stephanie Millet

“When I saw they were doing a Hogwarts camp, I knew we had to come. I thought getting here at 6 a.m. was pretty good, but apparently not.”
—Kathleen Basile

“We did Magic Treehouse last year and my seven-year-old loved it. This year it’s Jedi. How can you say no when you have a budding Jedi at home?”
—David Leonard

“There’s something totally 1980s about this—waiting [in person] for something you want.”
—Karen Luscher

“Very few things would compel me to sit out here at five o’clock in the morning in the freezing cold: Springsteen tickets and this. The front of the line—they got here at 4 a.m.—they are crazier than us.”
—Alyssa Barnett-Schott

“It’s not often you find traditional things in our modern world anymore, and I think that this camp offers the best of the old school for kids.”
—Elisa Dixon

“This is my fourth year. It’s been colder.”
—Sherry Boston

A version of these article originally appeared in our May 2016 issue.