The Atlanta Yoga Guide

3 fusion yoga classes in Atlanta

Full Moon Yoga
Full Moon Yoga

Photograph by Emily Furtsch

Is plain old downward dog starting to feel a little dull? These two-for-one fusion classes mix yoga with other workouts to torch extra calories, build strength, or add a dose of mindfulness.

Kettlebell Yoga
at Hotlanta Yoga
This class pairs athletic power yoga with cannonball-sized weights to crank up the calorie burn. You’ll lift and swing the weights during poses to strengthen your core and improve stability. $15

Full Moon Yoga
at Tough Love Yoga
Mark your lunar calendar for this once-a-month session of deep stretching and challenging poses. Post-workout, instructor Elizabeth Ocheltree leads a moonlit guided meditation to clear and calm your mind. $20

Core Fusion Yoga
at Exhale Inman Park
With a special emphasis on thigh, glute, and ab work, this fast-paced class flows through multiple poses while incorporating Jane Fonda–like leg lifts and mini crunches to help you tone. $25 —Caroline Cox