Dentist Profiles 2019

Jocelyn Spaulding, DMD

Dr. Jocelyn Spaulding graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She completed externships at Mount Sinai Hospital (Manhattan), Universität Witten-Herdecke (Germany), and the University of Washington (Seattle), and her residency at NYHQ (Weill Cornell Medicine).

Dr. Spaulding is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of her patient’s smiles. Exceptional attention is given within a soothing atmosphere that is comforting and friendly. Her experienced team makes sure that everyone receives extraordinary treatment. To ensure this, Dr. Spaulding and her team consistently attend seminars to keep abreast with the progressive growth in dental technology and medical development. When visiting Dr. Spaulding’s practice, you can leave knowing you’ve received the highest quality of dental care.

Spaulding Family Dentistry
1201 Clairmont Road, Suite 200
Decatur, GA 30030