The food lovers guide to cheese in Atlanta

BY - April 14, 2016

CheeseHow much do we love cheese? Enough to spend an entire stinking month eating it. Here’s to the best wedges, the gooiest grilled cheese, the smoothest pimento spreads, and much more.

Edited by Evan Mah
Written by
Kristin Kellogg, Christiane Lauterbach, Evan Mah, Tess Malone, and Amanda Wolkin

  1. Atlanta’s 12 Best cheese dishes
  2. How to build the cheese plate of dreams
  3. The best pimento cheese in Atlanta
  4. Russ McCall, Atlanta's cheese pioneerWe owe it all to the city’s first cheesemonger
  5. Cheese hacks for the lactose-intolerant
  6. Behind the scenes at Many Fold FarmThis couple had some little lambs. Their cheese was freaking delicious.
  7. Watershed’s Zeb Stevenson shares the complex art of the simple grilled cheese
  8. Find cheese bargains at Buford Highway Farmers Market
  9. Meet the cheesemongers
  10. How to pair cheese and Georgia beer
  11. Recipe: Truffled Gouda Mac and Cheese