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CURE Childhood Cancer

At CURE Childhood Cancer, our most urgent efforts are aimed at saving lives. That’s why we support the most innovative research aimed at helping achieve a cure for children with cancer. We are also dedicated to helping their families, providing critical assistance at every step of their journey.

RESEARCH: At CURE, we steadfastly believe that our children deserve the best and safest treatment options available. We are committed to advancing innovative research including precision medicine, one of the most promising methods in decades for improving survival rates for children with cancer. Precision medicine brings individualized, gene-based treatment to children with cancer.

PATIENT FAMILY SUPPORT: CURE provides tangible support from the beginning until the end of treatment and beyond. From financial assistance to meals, counseling, fertility preservation, respite care, lodging, bereavement care, and more, CURE is there when families need us most.


  • Volunteer: We will work with you to determine your interests and availability.
  • Attend one of our annual spring events in 2020: Spring Fever (March 27), Lauren’s Run/CURE Childhood Cancer Annual Picnic (April 26), Believe Ball (May 9).
  • Consider giving. Become a Dream Maker with a monthly gift.

200 Ashford Center North, Suite 250
Atlanta, GA 30338