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Giving Kitchen

Giving Kitchen (GK) provides emergency assistance to food service workers in crisis through financial support and a network of community resources in order to create a community where crisis is met with compassion and care, and anyone can be a hero.

GK has helped over 3,000 food service workers throughout Georgia in restaurants, catering, concessions, and food trucks. The James Beard Foundation recognized our work this year by honoring our organization with the 2019 Humanitarian of the Year award. This award is for you, Atlanta!

Join James Beard Award–winning chef Andrew Zimmern in supporting Giving Kitchen for Give Atlanta this fall. “At a time all across our country when state and local funding is being slashed for social justice, wellness remediation, and mental health programs, it’s more vital than ever for our communities to support those entities that

have picked up the work being undone,” says Zimmern. “I feel it’s imperative that the greater Atlanta community financially support Giving Kitchen because they nurture and care for our vulnerable food service workers in crisis.”

Be a hero to a food service worker—give today.

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513 Edgewood Avenue, Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30312