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Richmont Graduate University

Richmont Graduate University provides Christ-centered education and research that advances God’s work of healing, restoration, and transformation. Our roots in Atlanta date back to 1973. In a society where mental health issues are becoming ever more prominent, Richmont serves to increase the capacity for soul care. The university offers degrees in ministry and in mental health counseling. Our unique approach to educating and training mental health professionals allows us to provide evidence-based, trauma-informed mental health services to people suffering from trauma, mental illness, and/or substance abuse who might otherwise go without care, through the Richmont Trauma Center and our network of Hope Counseling Centers.

While human compassion prompts all of us to want help for those who are hurting or hopeless, not all of us have the capacity to serve others as counselors or ministers. But your support of Richmont’s mission can assist those who are called to these roles by keeping the cost of their required education more manageable. Your contribution can also directly support the cost of counseling for people who cannot afford the treatment they need. Will you join in to bring more healing, restoration, and transformation to our community?

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1900 The Exchange, Building 100
Atlanta, GA 30339