Atlanta 2040: What life will look like in the city’s third century

Everything will be customized

I believe we’re going to have a customizable economy where your car, your phone, anything you interact with, will customize to your wants, needs, and capabilities. I think “things” will get more efficient. Will we need a refrigerator, washer, and dryer? We may not need the level of refrigeration that we need today. In the aviation industry, there are windows that never get dirty. It will be the same thing with fibers in your clothes that never get dirty. Atlanta is really becoming the next space where a lot of entrepreneurial spirit is growing, and we’ll create that hub where a lot of those new developments happen.

—Robin Beinfait, former Samsung Global executive, CEO and founder of Emnovate, which just opened a 43,000-square-foot Global Innovation Center in Peachtree Corners