Atlanta 2040: What life will look like in the city’s third century

Hip-hop will be the new golden oldies

Run The Jewels
Illustration by Marcin Wolski

With more parks and urban developments around the city, music is sure to follow. A few places that will continue to grow: Westside and Bellwood Quarry, which will become a huge park, as well as South Downtown. As far as the live music scene is concerned, everything goes in cycles. We’ll see a resurgence of rock ’n’ roll and another wave of hip-hop. Developments like Mercedes-Benz Stadium will allow for continued big stadium concerts. But a lot of big artists will continue to play festivals like Music Midtown and Shaky Knees.

—Tim Sweetwood, music promoter and founder of the Shaky festivals, including Shaky Knees, Shaky Beats, and Shaky Boots