Atlanta 2040: What life will look like in the city’s third century

Virtual reality will become reality

2040 Virtual Reality
Illustration by Marcin Wolski

In a perfect world, Amazon opens its second headquarters here, and they’re able to utilize the Georgia film tax credit to create lots of film content, and Georgia evolves into a worldwide development, production, and distribution hub. Georgia has so much going for it. The next step is producing above-the-line talent so there is original content coming out of Georgia. We’ve seen such a tremendous amount of infrastructure—especially soundstages—and we keep most of them filled. And Atlanta needs to be at the forefront of new entertainment technologies, like virtual and augmented reality, which I’m sure will be commonplace in 2040. Floyd County Productions (Archer) is already developing an augmented reality app that will allow you to look at the cityscape through your smartphone and see virtual scenes from Georgia movies.

—Lee Thomas, deputy commissioner at Georgia Film Office