Atlanta 2040: What life will look like in the city’s third century

We’ll all be farming

I think Atlanta is on a great trajectory. We live in the greenest city in America. When you fly into Atlanta, it looks like you’re flying into a forest with some houses dropped in the middle of it. The local food economy is evolving. I’ve seen it grow from when it was difficult to find one farmers market to where you can now find a market any day of the week. You will see people returning to a time when they were growing food in close proximity to where they lived. People will be trading produce with each other, eating locally grown food, which is much more healthy. On the negative front, we already have 80 percent of Americans living in metro areas. Folks need to spread out beyond the urban core so that neighborhoods aren’t so compact and people can breathe fresh, clean air.

—Rashid Nuri, president and CEO of Truly Living Well, a center for natural urban agriculture