Men’s Style Guide: Fall 2016

Shopping under the influence: 4 Atlanta shops where you can suit up and drink whiskey

Trying on blazers is a lot more appealing when you can sip a single malt at the same time

Illustration by Ben Kirchner
Illustration by Ben Kirchner

For many men, shopping for clothes can feel like a chore, an experience to be endured rather than enjoyed. But trying on blazers is a lot more appealing when you can sip a single malt at the same time. Offering customers a wee dram of something (whiskey is the prevailing choice) has become the standard at Atlanta’s top men’s stores.

Miller Brothers
What to drink Gibson’s Finest Aged 12 Years Canadian Whisky
Buckhead’s Miller Brothers has carried Scotch, tequila, and bourbon since it opened in 1996. Says cofounder Robby Miller, “If you’ve got somebody who’s spending time in here and the wife or girlfriend can have a glass of wine, that just eases the process.”

Sid Mashburn
What to drink Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
The intent of the liquor closet at Sid Mashburn’s eponymous Westside shop, he says, is not “retail lubrication”—breaking down customers’ defenses by plying them with alcohol—but to create a convivial atmosphere where guys feel at home.

Rye 51
What to drink Bulleit Rye
It’s clear from the name alone that Rye 51, a Dallas-based sportswear chain, is a place where shoppers can take the edge off. (If the word rye isn’t enough, there’s even a tagline: “Textile Distillery.”) The Ponce City Market shop keeps a wet bar in the back with a selection of whiskey, gin, vodka, and other spirits.

Alton Lane
What to drink Clyde May’s Alabama Style Whiskey
Alton Lane, a NYC-based custom clothing firm that recently opened its eighth showroom in Buckhead, features a “design bar.” It’s a wooden counter with a selection of whiskey on display, where customers can sit while perusing fabric swatches. —Scott Henry