The Rise of Georgia Beer: Everything you need to know about our craft brew scene

Your guide on how to navigate the frothy landscape

BY - June 14, 2018

Beer opener
Photograph by the Voorhes

For lovers of local beer, these are heady days. Your questions answered.

Edited by Steve Fennessy with contributions from Heather Buckner, Gray Chapman, Josh Green, and Hunter Leibler

  1. Why all the craft beer buzz?
  2. What can I do at Atlanta breweries besides drink?
  3. What's it like to be a homebrewer in Georgia?
  4. How is craft beer made?
  5. So how good are Georgia craft beers?
  6. Why the @#%!! does a six-pack of craft beer cost so much?
  7. Which craft breweries are opening in metro Atlanta next?
  8. What happened to beer bottles?
  9. What’s up with all the white dudes dominating Georgia's craft beer scene?
  10. How hard is it to open a brewery in Georgia?
  11. Which Georgia beers do Georgia brewers drink?
  12. What does the future hold for craft beer in Georgia?