The Rise of Georgia Beer: Everything you need to know about our craft brew scene

Which Georgia beers do Georgia brewers drink?

We gave them one condition: They had to recommend a competitor’s beer.

Monday Night Han Brolo
Han Brolo

Photograph courtesy of Monday Night Brewing

Nick Nock, Sweetwater
Emmylou (American wild ale),

by Wild Heaven

Eric Johnson, Wild Heaven
Night on Ponce IPA,

by Three Taverns

Josh Miller, Three Taverns
Table Beer

by Creature Comforts

Adam Beauchamp, Creature Comforts
Unseasonal Lager,

by Arches

Jamey Adams, Arches
Breaking Bob Kolsch,
by Wrecking Bar

Neal Engelman, Wrecking Bar
High Grade ESB,
by Twain’s

Mike Castagno, Twains
Breakout Stout,
by Jailhouse Brewing

Glenn Golden, Jailhouse Brewing
Han Brolo pale ale,
by Monday Night Brewing*

Sarah Green, Monday Night Brewing
Serpent Bite,
by Orpheus

*Golden isn’t alone. In April, in a blind taste test of 151 pale ales from around the country, Han Brolo was named the best pale ale by a panel of judges convened by Paste magazine.