Where does the Atlanta BeltLine go from here?

Slow. Down. A guide to good BeltLine manners.

BeltLine Manners
Remember your manners on the trails.

Illustration by Peter Arkle

With more than 1.7 million visitors a year, the Eastside Trail gets more than a little crowded. BeltLine officials noticed the congestion and, in 2014, introduced a campaign to promote good trail etiquette, from passing on the left to picking up after your pet. The campaign has grown with the trail’s popularity, including a Dad’s Garage video; a mascot, Eddy Cat, to whom you can tweet or email courtesy queries; and an app to report incidents—though they haven’t seen one since its launch, says Junior Knox, head of the campaign. With the Westside Trail now open, it’s time to update the rules. Tess Malone

  1. Step aside to selfie—and definitely don’t use a selfie stick while jogging.
  2. Don’t teach your zig-zagging toddler to ride a bike on the trail.
  3. Save the six-inch heels for Inman Quarter if you want to keep pace.
  4. Slow down, even though those Westside Trail curves are tempting.
  5. No engagement photos on a bridge if you don’t want irate passersby in every frame.
  6. Bikers blasting music on their speakers: Keep in mind that it’s a family trail.
  7. If you’re talking on the phone while using the trail, please do so at a low volume.
  8. Don’t wear out your bike bell.
  9. Don’t bob and weave at high speeds during rush hour.
  10. Just say no to retractable dog leashes.