Braves Relocation Update: Statement from Central Atlanta Progress

“We strongly believe that the team belongs in the city of Atlanta.”

The news that the Atlanta Braves would uproot from the city of Atlanta and head to Cobb County stunned fans, politicians, and businesses alike. And publicists and spokespeople earned their paychecks scrambling to pull together statements and respond to media queries. (I’ve never gone to voice mail on so many PR folks’ cell phones as Monday.)

Late yesterday we got the following statement from Central Atlanta Progress, the downtown business organization.

Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) and its leadership are, of
course,disappointed about the Atlanta Braves’ intention to move to
Cobb County. We strongly believe that the team belongs in the city of
Atlanta and we are hopeful that the Braves and the City will develop a
scenario that will keep them at Turner Field far beyond 2016.

The Braves have been an important part of the urban fabric of Atlanta
for almost fifty years. With the incredible change that is taking
shape in the central city, we would like to see the Atlanta Braves
continue to be a key part of the positive momentum.

The CAP statement seems to shared the sentiment expressed by some people I spoke with yesterday: The Braves’ plan might not really be final.