Brush up on your dinosaur trivia before Fernbank’s Birthday Bash

The museum celebrates the anniversary of the Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit with dino-themed activities
Fernbank Dinosaur Birthday Bash
Illustration by Ana Benaroya

In August 2001, the permanent Giants of the Mesozoic exhibit opened inside Fernbank Museum of Natural History, making it the first museum
on earth to assemble both of the world’s largest dinosaurs. On August 22, Fernbank celebrates the anniversary with birthday—and dino-themed activities. Below, a little more about the two giants of the exhibit, which were cast from fossils unearthed in Argentina.

Size 47 feet long
Weight 8 to 10 tons
Claim to fame Largest meat-eater ever classified
Jurassic Park connection DNA from the Giganotosaurus was used to create the menacing hybrid dino Indominus Rex in Jurassic World.

Size 123 feet long
Weight Over 100 tons
Claim to fame Largest plant-eater and the biggest dinosaur of any kind
Jurassic Park connection Although not in any of the films, the powerful Argentinosaurus is featured in Jurassic World: The Game.

On the Calendar: Happy birthday, Mr. Giganotosauuuurrrrusssss! Bring the kids (dino costumes encouraged) to this Fernbank fete on August 22. fernbank­