Thanks for the nostalgia trip, BuzzFeed

But you missed this one sign of being a true Atlantan

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One of BuzzFeed’s community contributor’s put together a GIF’ed-up list called 35 Signs You Grew Up In Atlanta that went viral today. On a scale of LOL to OMG, it’s pretty awesome. The ‘Hooch, Spaghetti Junction, and even the Thashers get shout-outs. However, no directory of Atlanta experiences would be complete without this:

36. You still know how to do the Dirty Bird

Of course, this list caters to BuzzFeed’s core millennial demo. What if you’re older than thirty? Have no fear. Given Atlanta magazine’s more than fifty-year history, we’ve created a highly scientific way for anyone at any age to test their Atlanta-ness: by taking our quiz.