Catch daredevil stunts at Nitro Circus

More than 40 performers will do tricks on skateboards, tandem bikes, even shopping carts
Nitro Circus
Photograph by Mark Watson

There’s no room for fear in Nitro Circus, a daredevil action sports collective descending this month on the Georgia Dome. Founding members Jeremy Rawle, Gregg Godfrey, and Travis Pastrana started filming stunts in Pastrana’s backyard in 2003 and landed a short-lived MTV reality series in 2009. Today their crew includes more than 40 performers, who execute choreographed stunts with skateboards, tandem bikes, and even shopping carts—many launched from a 50-foot-high A-ramp. “There’s no shortage of creativity or people willing to try things that have a high probability of failure,” Pastrana says. His favorite trick of the show: The Scorpion Double Backflip (seen above), performed by rider Ethen Roberts.

Start (at left)
1 Roberts races down the ramp and then, just before take off, pulls up hard on the handlebars to maximize the bike’s rotation.

2 As soon as his wheels are in the air, Roberts jumps as high as he can off the bike’s foot pegs.

3 Roberts throws the bike over his head. “When I watch it on camera, it looks unreal, like I’m in a video game,” he says.

4 Next, he spins a half flip with the bike over his head. Just before he begins to descend, Roberts pulls his body back to the bike.

5 Once his feet hit the pegs, the flip speeds up again, and Roberts completes another rotation.

On the calendar: Dirt bike devil Travis Pastrana and his crew hit the Dome with high-flying tricks at Nitro Circus Live on May 10.

This article originally appeared in our May 2015 issue under the headline “Catch Air.”