Chipper miffs Braves by foretelling their demise

Nobody likes a know-it-all

Most fans knew the Braves were doomed before they took to Turner Field for the NLDS last Thursday. You know, because they’re the Braves.

But it turns out that negative ju-ju may have actually been brewing in the moments leading up to Game 1, as Chipper Jones, doffing a Major League Bowhunter cap (Non sequitur: Even the animals Larry kills seem to share his trademark smirk) prepared to throw out the first pitch. At the time, folks watching at home and in the stadium may not have found it strange that Chipper was throwing to Homer, the mascot. But CBS Channel 2 in New York reports that not a single active Brave would pop a squat behind home plate to catch Chipper because the team was miffed that the future Hall of Famer had gone on 680 AM WCNN The Fan and picked the Dodgers to win the series.

Say what you will about Chipper, blame his losing the ball in the lights in Miami for triggering the 2011 collapse, blame his throwing error and absence at the plate for losing last year’s Wild Card. But he was the face of the franchise. Don’t blame him for being honest.

By the way, Chipper picked the Trolley Dodgers to triumph in four games.