Clermont Hotel documentary is nearly complete

The film’s trailer offers a rare glimpse inside the seedy landmark
Clermont Hotel
Screenshot from the short documentary Hotel Clermont

Via Vimeo

The final days of the now-shuttered Clermont Hotel are relived—and the hotel’s (dis)reputation assessed—in a forthcoming, locally produced documentary, Hotel Clermont, whose trailer is now available online for viewing.

The storied residential hotel shut its doors in 2009, but fascination in the building and its onetime denizens continues, probably because most Atlantans can only imagine what went on behind its imposing brick façade.

Having combined footage shot inside the hotel—and the celebrated strip club downstairs—during its last six months of operations by Atlanta-based photojournalist Allen Sullivan with new interviews with local historians and cultural observers, filmmaker Heather Hutson is just about ready to take the film on the festival circuit.

But first Hutson plans to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise finishing funds. See for yourself whether you’d like to be part of bringing this unique slice of Atlanta history to the big screen.

Full disclosure: I’ve already played my own small part in Hutson’s project. She interviewed me on-camera about my experience researching a 2002 Creative Loafing cover story, for which I spent a week at the Clermont.