Dad’s Garage isn’t mad at you, just disappointed

After drunk fans “borrow” $500 signage at farewell bash, the nonprofit theatre pleads for its return

So, remember that time you had a wild party at your house and you woke up the next morning and your prized autographed photo of iconic “Brady Bunch” thespian Florence Henderson signed, “Dear Rich, ‘Mom always said don’t play ball in the house!’ But do play ball!! Thanks & Love, Flo” was missing? OK, so that was just me. However, at last weekend’s farewell bash to its longtime space on Elizabeth Street (about 400 folks showed up and a giant panda had to be ejected), some Dad’s Garage fans made off with two pieces of pricey signage — the venue’s new parking sign to direct patrons to parking at Bass Lofts across the street from the theater’s new home at 7 Stages on Euclid Avenue and even more impressive, somehow revelers were able to sneak off with the large yellow Dad’s Garage logo that once hung over the door.

On Friday, Dad’s Garage managing director Lara Smith took to the nonprofit theatre company’s Facebook page to plead for the return of the items, posting this message: “Dear Sticky Fingered Person: It’d be really nice if you would return our parking sign and outdoor logo you lifted during last Saturday night’s party. We need to use them at 7 Stages. If you want to return them in the dead of night so we don’t see you, that’s cool. If you don’t want to return these items, please make an anonymous donation of $500 here. Yes, that signage is really that expensive. We know they were taken out of love, probably really drunk love (which we totally get), but we need our stuff back so people know where to find us now. Thank you!!”

In a message to Atlanta magazine, Smith said that while the Dad’s Garage actors move to 7 Stages tonight with the debut of “TheatreSports” improv at 8 p.m. in the new space, she and marketing director Linnea Frye will still be working in the offices at 280 Elizabeth Street until August 14. Call: 404-523-3141, ext. 202.
Dad’s Garage stresses no questions will be asked.

After word spread Friday on Facebook about the sign snatching, fan Tara O’Neill posted “What a jerk!” But an understanding administrator for the Dad’s Garage Facebook page replied, “We’ve done worse. Trust us.”