Deal signs law requiring mass drug tests


On Monday, Gov. Nathan Deal signed a law that will arbitrarily require all Georgia welfare recipients to submit to drug tests.

“Arbitrarily require all,” notes puzzled reader. “That doesn’t make sense”

Yeah, well, how would you describe a law whose supporters say is designed to keep tax dollars from being on illegal activities, but pursues that goal by zeroing in on welfare recipients with legislation that a)  isn’t likely to save ANY money b) and is VERY likely to struck down in court. That sounds arbitrary to me.

Wait a minute.

Maybe the point of the law isn’t actually to save taxpayer money, but to stigmatize the poor by implying they’re a bunch of deadbeat drug users. Maybe, just maybe, the whole point of this exercise is to further the bogus-but-popular notion that being poor is a moral failing and probable cause.

No. Our state’s esteemed leaders would never do that.