Delta debuts 80s-tastic safety video

Our hometown airline has outdone itself

Beginning with its 2008 video starring the apple-cheeked flight attendant known as “Deltalina,” Delta has mastered the art of entertaining passengers while informing them of proper emergency protocol.

The airline’s newest video, while lacking the subtlety of the original, is its funniest yet, with nods to Atari, Alf, the high-top fade, and other icons of the 80s. According to Delta’s director of marketing communications, Mauricio Parise, the idea was conceived at a brainstorming session between Delta and ad agency Weiden+Kennedy New York, during which there was “lots of reminiscing about goofy clothes and bad haircuts.” In the video, flight attendants wear actual Delta uniforms from the 1980s.

Parise says Delta plans to update the video about every six months to keep frequent fliers engaged. My vote is for a Muppet-themed one. Can’t you see Cookie Monster just demolishing those Biscoffs?