Dispatching Cain in 103 tweets


This weekend, Atlanta magazine contributor Charles Bethea took on an assignment from another magazine.  (It’s okay. We understand — really. Our feelings aren’t hurt.) He live-tweeted the Cain “suspension” announcement in 103 pithy little dispatches, then put it all together in a piece for GQ’s politics blog.

Writes Bethea on the blog:

When it was over, a love song—one of the best ever, in this journalist’s opinion—began to play: Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell’s “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” A beautiful way to end anything: a love affair, a long drive, a campaign. But the song did not belong to Herman and Gloria Cain, who stood smiling (with relief?) behind her husband. Nor did it belong to Herman Cain and his few remaining supporters. His campaign hadn’t chosen it. A fat man in a red sweater hired to DJ the event that day, who worked a Rick Perry rally last week, had selected the song arbitrarily. Packing up his equipment, the man said he hadn’t thought much about it: “I just saw it on my iTunes library,” he said, “and I hit play.”