Fans react to Baton Bob’s “White Lesbian Bitch” fireworks display

Ambassador of Mirth’s latest tirade is drawing comparisons to Paula Deen

There were plenty of fireworks Thursday night on Atlanta street performer Baton Bob’s Facebook page. Following an altercation with a fan at the Peachtree Road Race, the city’s alleged “Ambassador of Mirth” took to his Facebook page and posted this update to fans:

I want to say this to the white lesbian bitch that rolled up on my ass
about a friend of hers that wanted a photo in the middle of my
performance that’s suffering from cancer. I stated that I don’t do
posed photos in the middle of my performance. [She] became indignant
to me!!!! [Expletive] YOU BITCH!!!!! I said NO and I meant it. GET THE

The hate-filled rant immediately drew a strong reaction from fans, many of whom had mounted a “Free Baton Bob!” campaign last week after the out, gay, African-American sixty-one-year-old street performer (whose given name is Bob Jamerson) was arrested following a scuffle at Colony Square when he was charged with simple assault and obstructing a police officer.

After GA Voice deputy editor Dyana Bagby posted a story on the incident Thursday night, fans flocked to Facebook to post reaction to the rant many labeled sexist, racist, and homophobic. Posted follower Cydney Davis on the Baton Bob page: “Hurtful. Derogatory. Unkind. Disrespectful. Prejudiced. Disappointed. You just lost a fan.” Added J.D. Kellum: He’s not spreading mirth, he’s spewing venom. And he has been for years, masked by fluffy costumes.”

Atlanta art gallery owner Alan Avery posted this to the performer: “As a thirty-plus year member of the business community, I actually made a call on your behalf to a senior vice-president at Colony Square to see what could be done on your behalf [following last month’s arrest]. I think you owe your fans, the community, especially the LBGT community, an apology and an explanation of your actions today.”

Added Atlanta singer-songwriter Dylan Michael: “Paula Deen 2.0.” Advised follower Ray Redding: “You should probably stay off Facebook when you’re angry. Maybe get a diary. I think you made a huge error in judgment today with your posts and I think it will take a toll on how the city sees and treats you in the future. You should ponder that.”

On Friday morning, Baton Bob was back on Facebook, trying to explain Thursday’s situation:

When I am on the street performing, to stop and pose for a photo op
breaks my rhythm . . . All the way down 10th street there were lots of
people who wanted me to stop for a photo op and I simply stuck out my
hand like Diana Ross in “Stop! In the Name of Love” and said, “No
photos please!!!!”

Earlier this week, Baton Bob lamented online about not being able to add more pending Facebook friend requests to his page since the social media site caps a personal page at 5,000. On Friday morning, this no longer appeared to be an issue with Baton Bob’s friend count currently at 4,846.

Thankfully, at the time of this post Friday morning—unlike Miss Ross—Baton Bob had not yet issued an edict demanding the rest of us mere mortals to avoid eye contact with him.