Full Radius Dance’s Forgotten series explores Atlanta landmarks

The next performance takes place at the Mary Latimer McLendon Fountain
Full Radius Dance
Photograph by Bubba Carr

In 2014 Douglas Scott read an article about the people honored by monuments and memorials across New York City parks. “It made me curious about landmarks here in Atlanta,” he says. Born out of that curiosity is Forgotten, a series of site-specific pieces performed by Full Radius Dance, of which Scott is founder and artistic director. He chose the sites carefully, considering not just historic relevance but also accessibility, as the company includes dancers with physical disabilities. “They may not look like [you] expect a dancer to look,” says Scott, “but that doesn’t make them any less of an artist.”

On the calendar: On February 5, Full Radius Dance continues its performance series with Forgotten (IV) at the Mary Latimer McLendon Fountain at City Hall.

This article originally appeared in our February 2016 issue under the headline “Monumental Moves.”