In Briar Rose, Atlanta novelist Jana Oliver reimagines Sleeping Beauty in Georgia

A mini excerpt from the book

Atlanta novelist Jana Oliver reimagines Sleeping Beauty as a Southern Gothic tale set in small-town Georgia:

Empowered, the curse stirs to life now, the powder glistening like molten silver in the moonlight. It seems to dance for a time above the withered grass, and then sinks deep into the ground, claiming one of those within the house as its own.

Over the years, this curse will remain vigilant, growing in strength, changing course as needed. Then, when the time is right, it will fulfill its calling. Sate its near-human desire for revenge.

No mercy. No second chances. Only more tears to feed the bitterness.

On the calendar On May 1, Sleeping Beauty comes to Georgia in Jana Oliver’s Briar Rose, a YA update of the Brothers Grimm classic.

This article originally appeared in our May 2015 issue.