Infographic of the Day: Which way Falcons fans will vote

Forget Nate Silver or Nate Cohn. What about NFL voting forecast?

Election Day is all about voter groups. The Minority Vote. The Women’s Vote.  Someone reportedly has paid to put up misleading signs to suppress the College Vote. But no one ever talks about the Tailgate Vote.

That is, until Bloomberg Politics joined with the Resonate analytics firm to gauge the political leanings of each NFL team’s fanbase. First, the pollsters noted the stated party affiliations of voters in a team’s market area; then they checked the actual voting records of those districts. Results yielded some mild surprises—followers in and around Midwestern cities like Indianapolis, Kansas City, and St. Louis voting Democrat; weed-legal hippie haven Denver leaning GOP. But by and large the coastal cities went predictably left, while fans in the South have pulled the lever for Republicans. But Falcons fans were split closer to the middle than other regional rivals—the survey says Republican Atlanta fans only outnumber the Dems by between 0- and 10-percent.

So if the Democrats really want to turn the state purple, maybe they should start campaigning at the Georgia Dome.

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