A MARTA bus blocked The Weather Channel’s view of the Dome implosion and the internet is cracking up

TWC gets a viral video, but not for the reason they expected
MARTA bus blocks Weather Channel Georgia Dome implosion

Screenshot via YouTube

The biggest story of the day regarding the Georgia Dome’s implosion? It wasn’t that the booming roar of dynamite jolted people awake from miles away. Nor was it that two sections of the walls didn’t fall like they were supposed to. It was a single MARTA bus.

The Weather Channel had been live-streaming the Dome for 40 minutes when the detonations finally began, and then with impeccable timing, a MARTA bus pulls up and stops, directly in front of the cameraman’s shot. Now it’s all anyone on the internet can talk about—and is making national headlines from Sports Illustrated to TMZ.



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