Meanwhile at Waffle House: A 90-year-old tries a WaHo waffle for the first time

A Bibb County woman celebrates in style

How does a breakfast eater live in Georgia for nine decades without even accidentally tasting a WaHo waffle? (Granted, the company is only 60 years old.) According to the Macon Telegraph, Bibb County resident Audrey Dodd just never went out to eat much. But in August 2013, Dodd’s daughter suggested her brother take Mom out for waffles for her 89th birthday. Dodd backed out at the last minute, ordering eggs and grits instead. But for the big nine-oh last August, Dodd put on the pink dress she wants to be buried in, plopped down in a corner booth, and ordered a plain waffle with a side of sausage patties and a glass of milk. For 91, she should go on a hash brown binge.