Meet the Other Mayors: Donna Pittman, Doraville

On GM’s 2008 closure, the plant’s redevelopment, and life at home
Donna Pittman
Courtesy of Tandem Communications

Metro Atlanta comprises 60-plus cities; each month we introduce one municipality and its mayor.

In 2011 DeKalb County native Donna Pittman was elected to complete the term of Mayor Ray Jenkins, who died of an illness. Previously she’d held a city council seat and worked as a bailiff and in community relations with the DeKalb sheriff’s office. She’s the first female mayor elected in Doraville’s 144 years and earns $14,800 for the part-time gig. Once dominated by the 165-acre General Motors plant, Doraville is now known for restaurants, service businesses, and being one of the most diverse areas in Atlanta.

On GM’s 2008 closure
It was devastating to our city when GM left because GM was our city.

The plant’s redevelopment
Clearly it’s a game changer, not only for Doraville but the region. It’s going to bring businesses, homes, restaurants, parks, and bike trails.

Guests want to try the diverse restaurants. I get a lot of requests for Korean barbecue. I’m fond of Mexican dishes.

Home life
I’m a soccer mom, married to a Marine, and have four children from [ages] 13 to 29.

This article originally appeared in our June 2015 issue.