More pet adoptions, less traffic: Atlanta’s spring lockdown by the numbers

We played a lot more video games And left the car in the garage.

What Atlanta did in coronavirus lockdown
We spent a lot of time on the couch.

Illustration by Giacomo Gambineri

Couch potatoes
Atlantans, like the rest of the country, are staring at their screens. According to Comcast, game downloads and streaming usage each increased 35 percent from March 1 to May 1.

What Atlanta did in coronavirus lockdown
We adopted more friends.

Illustration by Giacomo Gambineri

Best buddies
Number of fosters and adoptions at Fulton and DeKalb animal services and Lifeline’s Decatur location:
March 2019: 233,573
March 2020: 792,813

40 Percent
drop in congestion on state roads and interstates during mid-March to early May

change in freight traffic in April, compared to the previous year

Traffic fatalities on Georgia roads
April 2019: 117
April 2020: 84

Accidents on Georgia roads
April 2019: 40,212
April 2020: 17,310*
*State officials note that many police departments stopped reporting accidents with minimal damage and no injuries during the pandemic.

Trains and buses
75 Percent
reduction in MARTA rail ridership during the first month of shelter-in-place

approximate number of drivers of MARTA Mobility, the system’s paratransit agency, who were furloughed

Something in the air
Despite fewer cars on the road, air quality in metro Atlanta didn’t change greatly. In fact, the daily air-quality index for metro Atlanta was worse this year compared to the same day last year 19 times.

What Atlanta did in coronavirus lockdown
Divorce courts were closed.

Illustration by Giacomo Gambineri

Love the one you’re with
Because courts were closed, April saw roughly 50 percent fewer divorce case filings than April 2019.

$420 million
Amount of federal cash that D.C. officials will send Atlanta to offset city and airport funding shortfalls

$3.6 billion
Amount state agencies were told to cut by Governor Brian Kemp after coronavirus paralyzed the economy

Safe and sound
Reduction in crime in April compared to the same period as last year:
Overall crime: 26 percent
Violent crime: 13 percent
Property crime: 29 percent

Atlanta Fire and Rescue EMS calls
April 2019: 5,108
April 2020: 3,436

Domestic violence cases answered by the Atlanta Police Department increased by 87 percent in March, the first month of shelter-in-place, compared to March 2019.

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This article appears in our July 2020 issue.