Pretty girlfriend of Alabama QB from last night’s BCS game lives in Georgia


Touchdown for the Peach State!

‘Bama may have won last night’s BCS National Championship Game, but the highpoint of the evening was ESPN announcer Brent Musburger’s strange fixation on the girlfriend of the winning team’s QB.

When she gained 150,000 Twitter followers overnight thanks to said fixation, Gawker dubbed her the new queen of America.

Notable to us, Katherine Webb—aka Miss Alabama, aka Miss Photogenic Georgia, aka the girlfriend in question—lives in Columbus, Georgia, and works at Chick-fil-A. (At least according to her bio on Miss USA’s website.) Ergo, the new queen of America is a Georgia gal working for a Georgia company, who also spent most of her childhood in Georgia. Screw the Olympics; this is clearly our state’s greatest accomplishment ever.

UPDATE: According to THR, Webb lives in LA. Well, we’re still giving her bonafide Georgia status. Growing up in Columbus and working for Chick-fil-A merits some reward.