Shopping Dead: 7 gifts for Walking Dead fans

We rounded up some of the Internet’s most interesting merch

Just in time for the season five premiere of The Walking Dead (October 12, AMC), we rounded up walker merchandise from vendors ranging from the official TWD online store to one-of-a-kind artisans.

(Items arranged from casual fan to total walker-stalker)

“Welcome to Scenic Woodbury” T-shirt The utopia didn’t work out for the Governor, but it’s sure paid off for filming locale Senoia, Georgia. This shirt is exclusive to Senoia’s TWD gift store, the Woodbury Shoppe. $23,

“Little Ass Kicker” Onesie Now infants in your life can be as cool as Judith Grimes (minus the mortal peril). $9.99,

Daryl Plush Consider it a security deposit: If the fan favorite bites it during season five, you can hug this cuddly version while you bawl your eyes out. $12,

“Just Look at the Flowers” Pendant We appreciate the irony of disguising one of Dead’s most macabre moments (R.I.P., Lizzie) as an inspirational charm. $20,

Michonne and Her “Pets” These custom Lego figurines will remind you of a simpler time—before you knew the katana-wielding warrior’s tragic origin story. £29.99 (roughly $51),

Walker Ear Soap The ridiculously detailed replicas of Daryl’s season two trophies can be worn to a convention and then recycled in the shower. $6.75,

Survival Kit The perfect gift for Atlanta fans who, thanks to this year’s Snowpocalypse and CDC mishaps, appreciate being prepared. Contains rations, a first aid kit, space blankets, and more. $129.99,

This article originally appeared in our October 2014 issue.

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