The Walking Dead Deathwatch—Who won’t survive season 6?

Our best guesses for who will (and won’t) buy Hershel’s farm

When it comes to relentless character killing, only Game of Thrones is more bloodthirsty than Georgia’s own The Walking Dead. Of the original cast members, just six have survived. Here’s our guess as to who’ll buy Hershel’s farm this season.

The Walking Dead
90% chance

Glenn (Steven Yeun)
Why he’ll die We saw the writing on the wall last season when Glenn nonchalantly picked up a baseball bat—the same object that kills him in TWD comics.
Why he might not Aside from the fact that he’s just so lovable, in the comics, Glenn’s death marks a huge turning point for the series. They might not off him until season seven.
Verdict Write a will.

The Walking Dead
80% chance

Abraham (Michael Cudlitz)

Why he’ll die Let’s face it—this character hasn’t done much since getting everyone to Alexandria. We even thought he might be a goner last season after he was sliced by that seemingly zombie-tainted knife.
Why he might not Who else will interject with all those inappropriate one-liners?
Verdict Start working through your bucket list.

The Walking Dead
40% chance

Morgan (Lennie James)

Why he’ll die He’s found Zen in a world that doesn’t exactly abide Zen.
Why he might not As the ying to Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) yang, he seems poised to shut down the “Ricktatorship.”
Verdict See your doctor for a checkup.

The Walking Dead
1% chance

Daryl (Norman Reedus)

Why he’ll die He’s original to the TV series, so he isn’t tied to any preconceived comic book fate. They’ve certainly teased his demise—remember when Andrea (Laurie Holden) shot him?
Why he might not The Internet meme turned official merchandise says it all: “If Daryl dies, we riot.”
Verdict Go ahead and book a cruise . . . in 2050.

This article originally appeared in our October 2015 issue under the headline “Who’s next?”