The Walking Dead finally casts comic book villain Negan

The Good Wife’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan will play the killer

(Major spoilers for The Walking Dead comics and show ahead)

Yesterday, multiple media outlets announced that actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Jason on CBS’s The Good Wife, has been cast on The Walking Dead as the nefarious Negan, one of the most notorious villains from TWD comic book series. TVLine reported Morgan will make his debut as the killer character at the end of season six, possibly in the spring finale, and then return for season seven.

Fans of the comics know this timing is especially intriguing given the show’s current Schrödinger’s situation with Glenn (Steven Yeun). In the comic books, Negan, the leader of the Saviors (or the Wolves, in the TV show) brutally murders Glenn with a baseball bat named Lucille. The death marks a significant turning point in the comic series—hence why many fans were initially shocked at the idea of Glenn dying unceremoniously after falling into a walker horde in this season’s third episode.

Obviously, the show’s writers aren’t bound to hew to the comic’s storyline completely (if they were, Daryl wouldn’t exist, Andrea would still be alive, and Rick would be missing a hand), but considering how important this moment was on page, it wouldn’t be surprising if the plot made the jump to the screen. And assuming it does, that means Glenn has to remain alive on the show—if only so that Negan can kill him later.

No matter what, Glenn’s fate on The Walking Dead is looking grim. Poor Maggie is probably going to have to raise baby Aaron/Erin alone.