The Walking Dead Haiku Recap: ‘Look at the flowers, Lizzie.’

In which we experience the bleakest episode yet.

Editor’s Note: Don’t get us wrong, we are as obsessive as any TWD fans. But let others pontificate at length. In our view, the show’s narrative conflict is so essential—living vs. undead, civility vs. anarchy, prey vs. predator—that it demands to be distilled in the purest form possible. What better serves that purpose than haiku?

And yes, they may be a little cryptic, but there are a few seventeen-syllable spoilers in this recap.

Season 4, Episode 14: “The Grove”

Where is everyone?
Tyreese, Carol, and the girls
Get this week’s plot line.

Walking through the woods,
Talking about Tom Sawyer.
Girls miss story time.

Be tough, says Carol.
“Things work out,” insists Mika.
She is pure at heart.

Creepy girl Lizzie
likes to make friends with walkers.
Carol not happy.

Mika shoots zombies;
can’t pull the trigger on deer.
Shrugs, “We have peaches.”

Tyreese heart broken,
dreams of Karen every night.
Awkward for Carol.

Lizzie catches mice,
feeds zombie trapped on train tracks.
Yikes! Here comes a horde.

Those charbroiled zombies
almost get the fleeing girls.
Lizzie saves Mika.

Lizzie is confused.
Distressed by killing walkers.
She mourns the undead.

“Look at the flowers
like you’re supposed to, Lizzie,”
Mika calms her sis.

Lizzie stabs Mika.
Says: “She’ll come back! She’ll come back!”
Blood covers her hands.

Carol shoots Lizzie.
Now both girls are dead, buried.
A true tragedy.

Carol confesses.
“I killed Karen and David.”
Tyreese forgives her.

Carol and Tyreese
Hit the road for Terminus.
Baby Judith lives.

Well, in summary:
The bleakest episode yet.
Dead girls, grim despair.