This time-lapse video of the I-85 collapse repair is pretty impressive

From fire! to finished in 90 seconds
I-85 collapse repair time-lapse
The I-85 bridge construction on May 4

Photograph courtesy of OxBlue

With the completion of the I-85 bridge this past weekend, Atlanta’s long traffic nightmare is finally over. Well, the traffic nightmare related to the bridge collapse, anyway—anyone who drove over the Connector this weekend likely noted that it was back to its usual, congested state. But the speed at which construction crews put the bridge back together—just six weeks from collapse to reopening—is impressive, and a new time-lapse video from Atlanta-based OxBlue, a construction site camera company that produces videos and photos for businesses, shows just how monumental the job was. Take a look:

Now that the bridge is back, let’s cross our fingers and hope for an end to Atlanta’s recent slew of transportation-related disasters. No more railroad fires. No more MARTA trains catching fire. No more fire, period. Please?