Video of the Day: The Lego version of Negan’s brutal Walking Dead kill

The double murder gets animated on YouTube [Spoilers, obviously]
The Walking Dead lego Negan death
Photograph by Gene Page/AMC

Sigh. We knew Negan was gonna kill somebody in the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, and we had a pretty good guess that somebody was either going to be Abraham or Glenn, but we didn’t think it would be both. If you couldn’t convince yourself to watch as two fan favorite characters were brutally slaughtered, this Lego recreation by YouTube user kristo499 might be a slightly easier pill to swallow. But though less graphic, it’s still pretty grim. (What did they use for the blood exactly? Raspberry jam?) We applaud the level of detail paid to each and every Lego character, from the bloodsplatter on Rick’s face to Glenn’s popped eye. This recreation is pretty much flawless.