Waffle House creates a pickup depot for Roadie couriers

The spot will be a meeting space for drivers and users of the shipping app
Illustration by Ryan Snook
Illustration by Ryan Snook

Amid the recent rash of Craigslist-related crimes, leave it to WaHo to offer a welcoming place for virtual acquaintances to physically meet and exchange . . . whatever. App-based shipping startup Roadie, which will send your package with a driver already headed toward its destination, recently signed a deal to make the Norcross-based diner chain an official (read, brightly lit and public) depot for its civilian couriers to deliver goods to patrons around the clock—even during calamitous weather events. And in addition to the relative safety of making pickups at Waffle House, Roadie drivers eat for free. Warning: If you are sending an old pancake griddle or vintage Huddle House T-shirt, make sure the packaging is ambiguous.