Waffle House’s Waffle Wager gives free food to lucky college football fans

The winning school of the annual giveaway also receives $10,000 toward its general scholarship fund
Illustration by Ryan Snook
Illustration by Ryan Snook

Last November two things the South takes very seriously—college football and Waffle House—got together for the second annual Waffle Wager. The winner of the Georgia–Auburn game earned free WaHo victuals for its city the following Wednesday (plus $10,000 toward the school’s general scholarship fund), with Athens reaping the benefits of a 34–7 blowout. Over 24 hours, Waffle House gave away 3,700 waffles, 1,200 cups of coffee, and 5,100 orders of hash browns. “I was amazed; there was a constant line,” says Kelly Thrasher, Waffle House communications director. “Kids get really, really excited to get free food!” This year, WaHo isn’t announcing participants until November 16, but we know they’re picking rivalry games and trying to avoid repeating teams, so Georgia, Auburn, Alabama, and Texas A&M are probably out of the loop. Everyone else, stay tuned.

Update 11/17/15: It’s been announced that this year’s Waffle Wager will be between Clemson and South Carolina.

This article originally appeared in our November 2015 issue.