What you need to know about Hurricane Harbor, the new Six Flags water park

For starters, it’s great way to cool off after waiting in all those lines.

Six Flags Over Georgia, where throwing your hands in the air, relishing in the thrilling moments of plunging downhill and looping upside-down in reckless (and seat-belted) abandon is totally and completely worth the wait in line … with the sweltering heat, dizziness, and nausea that accompany it. Right?

Face it. Denying the existence of your mid-afternoon sweaty discomfort is about as easy as denying that funnel cake. Nearly impossible.

But this summer offers a cool and refreshing beacon of hope for all you park adventurers—there is now an oasis in the concrete desert, and it’s not the misting fans near the arcade.

Hurricane Harbor, the new Six Flags water feature and the park’s biggest expansion in decades, makes its debut today. It will be “the perfect complement to the 11 world-class coasters,” according to park president Dale Kaetzel, who presided over yesterday’s grand opening.

We previewed the park and can provide you with this quick guide to navigating the new water-topia.

Paradise Island
Previously Skull Island, the tamer entanglement of water slides is one of the most kid-friendly elements. Plus the impending doom (and excitement) of getting doused by the giant water bucket atop the water jungle gym is too great to ignore.

Bonzai Pipelines
These three slides, dark and full of twists and turns, are sure to satisfy young and old thrill-seekers alike. Totally tubular, dude. Literally.

Tsunami Surge
Tucked away in the back section of the park, the gnarliest of the water rides (a first-of-its-kind hybrid zero-gravity slide) plunges downward five stories, sending riders skating through a giant bowl before dropping them—the zero-gravity part—at the finish. Getting the yellow four-seat rafts up five flights of steps to the ride’s start requires a certain finesse and considerable strength, but amongst the grunts and inquiries for a “whatchamacallit—a conveyor belt,” there were plenty of delighted screams and calls of “Let’s do it again!”

Calypso Bay Wave Pool
Whether you’re floating atop the giant waves or in a beach chair listening to them bubble at the shore, it’s sure to be the most relaxing experience at the harbor. Or the perfect quick and refreshing escape from the heat before rushing back out to the coasters.

Hurricane Harbor might not be the full-day of cooling off found 25 minutes north at White Water, a Six Flags sister company, but it’s a workable way to dodge the heat. Admission to Hurricane Harbor is free with general Six Flags admission.

To paraphrase the park’s famous ad slogan: Six Flags. More flags, more fun. And now, less heat ex-haus-tion.